Coachella 2012 Set Times, Artists, Weather Etc…

The rumor is Coachella will be releasing the set times on their site tomorrow around noon. For people that have never been to Coachella here are a few things to keep in mind: The doors open at 12 and the event is over around 1, so if you are planning on staying the whole time then I probably wouldn’t get their right when the doors open, and if you do I would try to stay in the shade, temps have gotten all the way up to 120.

The weather report is showing that there is a good chance of rain on the first day of the first weekend so I would probably bring a sweater or jacket in. After that it should be clear skies for both weekends.

For the people that are anxious to see the set times here is a little something to check out, the Heineken Dome in the main beer garden just released two completely different lineups for both weekends. Some of the artists for the first weekend will be DJ Dan, Starkillers, and Andy Caldwell And for the second weekend Colette, Marques Wyatt, Donald Glaude, Wally Callerio, and much more….

We will be posting the live stream for Coachella as well as other updates, so check back later…

UPDATE 5:37 EDT: Snoop Dogg And Dr. Dre just arrived at Indio Airport with Rihanna! This doesn’t necessarily mean she is going to perform, she has been coming to the festival for the past few years as a spectator but it definitely makes you think if she is going to be doing any guest performances!

UPDATE 6:48 EDT: Snoop And Dre will be Joined By Eminem, Wiz Kalifa, Warren G, Daz Dillinger, and Kendrick Lamar for their Coachella performance.

UPDATE 2:28 EDT: Here’s the official Coachella 2012 Set Times

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