Road Encounter: Kardashian Sisters’ Kim and Khloe Furious Road Rage


StarzUncut! Did you hear what happened to Kardashian sisters’ Kim and Khloe? A car almost run off them! This surely made the Kardashians mad enough to get on the road and kick some butts!

so, I saw this video where Khloe was trying to open the door to the driver’s seat. On the other hand, Kim Kardashian was busy taking a picture of the car’s license for her Twitter post!

I was trying to find out what happened before the encounter and I learned that the driver was cutting off their lane and was driving agressively.

Good thing they’re both safe and fine! I have to thank their mom for teaching them how to fight for their rights!

And we all learned a lesson from Kim. Before doing anything else, take a snap shot, and TWEEET!

The Kardashians never fail to entertain people – StarzUncut

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