Paris Hilton On Drugs At Coachella 2012?

StarzUncut Fan: My buddy has a video of Paris Hilton in the Sahara Tent during Afrojack. He snuck into the Festival through the horse stables and stepped in a bunch of horse crap. When he met up with us in the Sahara tent for Afrojack he smelled horrible!

Paris was in the crowd right next to us and by the looks of it she was partying hard! There was a bunch of people moshing right next to her and some chick with her nipple hanging out. Everybody was so loaded on drugs to even notice that Paris Hilton was right next to them. I’m going to upload the video, just waiting for my friend to send it to me.

Let’s see it! -StarzUncut

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  • Starz

    how did he get into the horse stables? off what street? trying to go next weekend!

  • Andrew Palma

    First of all this story is BULLSHIT. These Paris Hilton pictures and the nipple picture were taken from a video that my cousin ANDREW PALMA took that he uploaded that night on youtube. here is the link.

  • Joe D

    Cool story bro.