Rihanna Announces Her Date With Her Longtime Lady Love on Twitter


Hi StarzUncut! What’s Up? Did you hear about Rihannas date with Melissa Forde, her long time girlfriend? Well, I checked my Twitter to see some updates and one of the hottest news roaming around Twitter is Rihanna’s gender preference. I even saw some of her topless pictures posted by Melissa Forde!

I used to be a Rihanna fan but I hate what she’s doing lately. She started it with doing a collab with her ex Chris Brown, then she posted pictures showing off her nips on Facebook, she also rolled blunt on a stranger’s head at Coachella, and now, walking hand in hand with her ex girlfriend.

Some of you might not find something bad about it. But I think Ri-Ri is trying to get people’s attention by doing all these crazy stuff! Oh well!

Rihanna is still better than Miley Cyrus! – StarzUncut

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  • http://www.facebook.com/alexbadazz Alexander Goebbles Peñaherrera

    hahahahaha oh bro you don’t know a heck about rihanna or melissa she’s her best friend the guy at coachella guy’s her bodyguard and she DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT SHE’S STRAIGHT FACE IT MOTHER FUCKER YOU CAN’T GO OUT THERE UPLOADING THE BIGGEST LIES EVER YOU MAKE ME SICK AND YOU SUCK