No, Jennifer Aniston Will Not Marry Justin Theroux in Greece!


Yow StarzUncut! Sad to say but Jenifer Aniston will not marry Justin Theroux despite the issues and news about their upcoming wedding in Greece. No, not yet! I’m sure this couple will have plans soon. But I heard that they are keeping it slow and sure.

Well, I’m sure that issues are just coming up because of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s wedding. I am not a hater but Jennifer Aniston is so over Brad Pitt now! It will be fair and equal to both couples if people will not make issues about them.

I love to see Jennifer on her wedding gown soon though! She deserves to be happy!

Just take it slow Jen! – StarzUncut

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  • Carmin

    Chelsea Handler running her vodka filled mouth make Jennifer Aniston look desperate and sad. Justin must not be nothing if Jen has not gotten over Brad after 7 years. Boy Brad got some powerful stuff.