Brian McKnight is Leaving His Wholesome Image With An XRated Song?



Hey Uncut! Have you seen Brian McKnight‘s new video? Wow! I was amazed! I never thought he would sing an X-Rated song in my entire life. I’ve been his fan since forever and I love his songs! I was just shocked to hear him sing “Let me show you how your p***y works/Since you didn’t bring it to me first.”

The title of his song is “If You’re Ready To Learn.” I hope he wont trade his classics for this type of song. It’s irritating!

On an interview , I think Brian said that he created that song out of boredom. He can’t go out because he just had a foot surgery.

Oh well, I hope you get well soon. I still love you Brian!

Unbelievable! He still sang it with class though! – StarzUncut

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