Claim: Kim Kardashian Pregnant But Not From Kanye!


StarzUncut Fan: Kim Kardashian is pregnant but no, Kanye is not the father, according to OK Magazine’s cover. I’m sorry to burst your bubbles but no, this is not for real! Kanye is not the father of Kim’s “baby” because Kim is not pregnant at all!

Well, I’ve read this issue last year from the same magazine and guess what? The baby hasn’t grown from Kim’s tummy yet. I don’t know where these issues come from or what makes people say that Kim K’s pregnant. Is it their way to say “Hey Kim, you’re a little too fat?” Oh C’mon, she’s absolutely perfect.

I know you’re all excited to see a little Kardashian but it’s not gonna happen yet. Kim’s a diva and I’m sure she’ll keep her stunning shape for the meantime!

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    ya people just stop saying that kim is pregnant ,dont be lol.