Jay Z and His Brooklyn Nets Criticized and Bashed By New York Post Sport Writer!


Yow. Jay Z and his Brooklyn Nets were bashed by New York Post’s sport writer, Phil Mushnick. I’m a big fan of New Jersey Nets and changing it to Brooklyn Nets not to mention the theme color is a big disappointment for me. But I never thought that someone is even more upset and affected with the team’s decision.

Jay Z recreated the dull logo and made it black and white. I never imagined it to be like that. This called out for Mushnick’s rants on his column. I was amused how he handled it and spitted out every word. But he has a point. As long as Brooklyn Nets let Jay Z in control of their marketing stuff, they will be doomed!

How do the players reacted by the way? I’m pretty sure most of them aren’t in favor too.

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