And The Fight Begins Again: Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera Argued After Tony Lucca’s Performance


Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera argued live on the last episode of The Voice! Have you seen it? Gosh! Tony Lucca‘s version of Jay z’s 99 Problems was totally awesome. He rocked the stage with his own version of the song. But I just don’t like how he stressed the word “BITCH” as if women are giving men problems!

Oh well, I guess that’s Christina’s point there. Even if the performance was approved by the other judges, Christina has something to say. On the contrary, Adam Levine stood up for Tony Lucca and explained his point.

“We’re not referring to women, it was a “metaphor” for all the types of problems that are “bringing you down.” said Adam!

This statement raised Christina’s eyebrow. But Adam responded with “I love you Christina!” while exposing his white shirt with pink text saying “Team Xtina.”

I love watching this show! So unpredictable .. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of their fights! I want some live action next time!

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  • Gabriel Maheux

    Tony Lucas performance was everything except original : It’s a note for note copy of Hugo version but Lucas gets all the credit