Mclovin Is a Party Animal


User Submission: Mclovin is a party animal, don’t let the dorky looks fool you, dude gets down.

I have known Christopher Mintz-Plasse AKA Mclovin for sometime. We went to the same High School El Camino Real High School from 2003 to 2007 together back in the day.

Mclovin was a stoner before he was famous, now he is a huge rockstar and all, but still stays humble and keeps it real. Dude pulls chicks like no other. That reminds me, I also have pics of him with the hottest chicks ever backstage at the MTV Awards will send them in.

Mclovin a stoner, who would have ever known. -StarzUncut

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  • JeffDane00123

    Now knowing this, I like him that much more. CLASSIC!!

  • Dan0man01


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  • Bigbakesale

    dam McLovin, ur not even gonna clear that shit? WTF man?!?