Miley Cyrus Cutting Her Wrists Again?


OMG! Miley Cyrus must have a serious problem to cut her wrists again! I saw this picture online and I really don’t understand why would she do such thing. I mean, she has everything – career, hot boyfriend, paparazzi. What else does she want?

Though I haven’t had the chance to see the face, I know that Miley can do this! After all her crazy acts, this actually is nothing new. However, I wonder why she need to cut her wrist?

C’mon Miley! You can do better than that!

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  • Enkela_vanessa

    Like that makes me mad because she rich famouse singer and actor and has a lovely boyfriend and beautiful life on tv and there’s girls out there that is not like lucky to have what she has which is like unfair I dont think she should do that Miley Cyrus is beautiful young female .

    • Shannon Lehner

      You have no idea what goes on in her life… all of the things you said she’s lucky for is what the media says… you don’t know her life behind walls. DON’T JUDGE.