Oh No! Malibu Teacher Is In Huge Trouble For Applying Some Scenes From “Bridesmaids” To Her Students!


I never thought that someone will actually get carried away from Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarty‘s scene on Bridesmaid! My gosh, a teacher from Malibu hit her student a couple of times after saying “Did you see ‘Bridesmaids?’” Man, this is horrible!

Though the teacher tried to apologize, the kid’s parents do not think that it is enough. There are still no updates on how this case will end but one lesson should be taught not only to students but to teachers – Never ever try that at home!

I really can’t believe this teacher. Is she on drugs? Try to check out the controversial scene from “Bridesmaids” below:

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  • Turtlepolitics

    Listen up, fucking stupid internet reporters, she didn’t actually slap her, I know this teacher, I went to MHS and I had her for 12th grade AP Literature. She would never actually hurt or touch a child, the reports I got from the students IN THE FUCKING CLASS said she just did it in front of her face, and it wasn’t just to this girl either, it was to everyone else, in a joking manner, who forgot their homework. As long as I had her she was the best teacher of my senior year and was super nice and forgiving when it came to assignments late or lost and in general cared about her students’ well being. She has a history of acting really enthusiastic, anyone who has had her before can tell you, but almost none of us would ever say she crossed a line in how she acted because we, unlike this idiot 9th grader, had senses of humor. Lay off Ms. G, she doesn’t deserve this and none of you can judge her from this false information that was clearly made to garner headlines with no care how it will impact her life. Shame on you and especially those fuckers at TMZ, any Malibu Local can tell you no one in our city has anything good to say about TMZ.