Throwbacks! Kim Kardashian Posted Pics From Her Good’Ol Days


Again, Kim Kardashian showed off her younger years by posting some throwbacks on Instagram. Well, she still look the same but I can say that she’s way more natural when she’s a little younger. She looked so nice and sweet on her younger years. But now, well, let’s just say that she looks better with 5 layers of make up!

Kim posted this picture with a tweet saying “Look at the photo on the wall in my grandmas store Shannon & Co! I was 7yrs old” She looks older than 7 on that picture. What do you think?


Kim K. also Tweeted another vintage pic with her sister Kourtney. Wow! They both look innocent and real. Here’s what she Tweeeted. “Haha! So funny! RT @MyKimKAddiction: @KimKardashian & @KourtneyKardash #BackInTime .Kiki you looked so cute”


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