America’s Got Talent Judges Were Amazed On Andrew De Leon’s Singing Debut


The search for America’s Got Talent contestants shocked the judges when they came across Andrew De Leon, a self-confessed goth who has never sung in front of anyone even his family. Wow! This is really one of a kind. Like a typical goth, at first, he looks scary with his eyeliners, contact lenses, and all black outfit. But when he started singing, men, I thought I heard an angel!

Andrew is a 19 year old make up artist and he believes that he will have a biggest change on his life when he joined America’s Got Talent. Judges were stunned and even some of the audiences cried when they heard Andrew’s voice.

Check out his performance on the video below:

Andrew De Leon, Austin Auditions ~ America’s Got… by HumanSlinky

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  • Eddie

    I was just as amazed as the judges on Americas Got Talent. I
    didn’t expect Andrew De Leon to be as amazing as this young man performed. I
    think he could even be the next Susan Boyle. AGT happens to be more enjoyable
    without the pain of having to fast forward commercials every ten minutes. The
    new Auto Hop feature is great and I won’t have to manually skip them on
    primetime anymore. One of my coworkers at Dish showed me how this feature
    functions and how it makes things simple. This isn’t an automatic feature and
    you have to enable the feature for each primetime recording. No more over fast
    forwarding past the shows and I can save the life on the batteries on my