Claim: Americas Got Talent Contestant Tim Poe Faked His Stuttering To Get People’s Sympathy


America’s Got Talent is now thinking if the Army Vet contestant Tim Poe is a phony. Speculations and some little details were brought up to show that Tim is not really sick and there are no records that he had a brain injury after the war in Afghanistan. So that means, he is just faking his stuttering to get people’s sympathy.

Of course, Tim got mad. Who wouldn’t be? After all that happened, he will be accused of something like this. He even said that he will sue his ex wife and anyone who told the media about that bs.

On the other hand, we can’t blame people. He sang the song perfectly without stuttering. Aside from that, Tim was not able to show any proof or evidence that he had therapies, hospital papers, or whatever to support his side.

So what do you think? Is Tim real or fake?

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