Kris Humpries Seeks Help from FBI Against Ex-Girl Myla Sinanaj


Kris Humphries learned his lesson and he doesn’t want any girl to use him again for personal reasons! After being reported in seeing Myla Sinanaj recently, I knew their relationship will not work out. Well, after his failed marriage with Kim Kardashian, I believe that Kris Humphries doesn’t know how to treat a girl right! And now, he is being haunted by his wicked schemes.

I’ve heard that Kris seeks for FBI’s help because Myla threatened him that she will expose all their dirty secrets in public. Kris refused to give a certain amount of money to the girl that’s why she got mad. Myla has some pictures, past conversations, and other stuff that may ruin Kris’ reputation.

That’s why, to save some money and save his name, Kris decided to ask some help before the situation gets worse. What a great move! First of all, I don’t believe that Myla Sinanaj will do that for money. Second, I just don’t trust Kris Humphries.

What do you think guys?

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