‘Basketball Wives’ Kicked Out Some Mommas!


Royce Reed, Dwight Howard‘s wife, and the other two casts of Basketball Wives are kicked out of the show. Well, I do hope that Dwight Howard can sleep now! Royce was kicked out because she talked about Dwight when she wasn’t allowed legally because of a gag order.

Aside from that, the other casts decided not to talk to her and exclude her to any discussions.

Royce isn’t only the one who will be kicked. Jennifer Williams and Kesha Nichols will also be replaced next season. The reason is different though. Jennifer sued Nia Crooks after she got slapped on the show while Kesha doesn’t have the qualities of a good star. I mean, she’s too boring! She can’t bring spice and happening to the show.

Oh well, good luck Ladies.

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