Justin Bieber Gets Mad At Fans And Calls Them “Disrespectful”

Justin Bieber was waiting for his girlfriend Selena Gomez last weekend at Toronto Airport while some fans came up to him for autographs and photos, Bieber got very angry and even went as far as calling the fans “disrespectful.”

The fans told Justin how they have been waiting for a while, Biebs replied “Do I not have the right as a human being” and asked the fan “why do you have to be so impatient?” Then went on saying, “You guys say you are really my fans, why are you doing this?” A so called fan replied “you have to be nicer about it”, Justin then replied back, “I don’t have to be nicer about it, you guys are in my face!” He then remained quiet until he met up with his girlfriend acting like nothing ever happened.

In all fairness to Justin after he left the airport he took several pics with fans and signed a bunch of autographs.

Here is the footage of the whole thing:

What do you think, was Biebs was out of line?

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  • tami

    He needs privacy sometimes as well he is a human being

    • BkBroiler

       Justin Bieber is NOT a human being, he’s from another planet.

  • Rocker1

    He is famous, GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF, You wanted the fame, YOU have it, FUCK let the people have what they want.