Kris Jenner Not Only Directs But Reshoots Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s’ Sex Tape?


According to Kim Kardashian‘s crazy ex-husband Kris Humphries, Kris Jenner not only directed her small sex film but also had them reshooted some scenes which she thought was not good enough. Kris Humphries is really out of his mind! And yes, Karma is a bitch! After he blew up this issue, Myla Sinanaj, released more evidences against him.

Myla showed some past text messages from Kris talking about their relationship even before he ended up his marriage with Kim. Myla and Of course, these evidences won’t do any good to Kris Humphries since he claims that Kim K is the one who caused their divorce.

Uh oh, Kris is in trouble now. Aside from that, Kim’s family and friends confirmed that Kris’ statements and claims about the sex tape are all total BS. Say what, Kris?

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