Is Casper Smart Really Gay And Just Playing JLo?


StarzUncut Fan: So I wake up this morning to see that people are claiming my boy Beau AKA Casper Smart is really gay and just playing Jennifer Lopez for her money. LOL! That’s funny considering I grew up with Casper and he’s as straight as they come. In highschool he hooked up with mad girls and nobody ever questioned his sexuality.

Beau was a total class clown and was always doing things to make people laugh, including dressing up in some funny gear. I guess someone saw a pic from Halloween where he was striking a funny pose and now they are trying to claim he’s gay. Dude it’s Halloween, everyone wears wierd sh*t on that day.

People will believe anything they hear nowadays but if you really knew Casper you wouldn’t believe it one bit! Keep it real Casper and ignore the haters!

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