Laura Prepon From That 70′s Show Laying Out Topless (PICS)

The super hot Laura Prepon finally went in front of the camera and posed topless after 12 long years of anticipation! Laura use to be a red head and is best known for playing Donna from “That 70′s Show”.

By the looks of it this 32-year-old still has a nice rack and a well kept physique! In these photos Laura and her random friend are hanging out by the pool getting greased up trying to work on their bronze and get rid of some tan lines.

Those knockers are easy on the eyes with the sun gleaming off them. Eric Forman was a lucky guy!

Here are the rest of the pics below, Enjoy!


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  • Jason

    My balls drop when I saw that

  • Jason

    Dona I love you right when I saw this my balls dropped and my 4 and a half inch dick got hard