Octomom’s New Boyfriend Frankie Grageda

36-year-old Nadya Suleman also know as “Octomom” got herself a new man named Frankie Grageda after claiming 13 years of celibacy!

Frankie is only 23-years old so now you could give Nadya a whole new nickname “Cougar” to be exact! As much as this guy looks like he hits up the tanning salon way to much, he could probably get a girl that’s closer to his age, makes you think he might just be trying to make a name for himself or just get his 15 minutes!

The couple met in church believe it or not, and have been dating for two months. It has been reported that they are getting pretty serious.

Here are some pictures of Frankie and a Ustream video that they did together:


Video streaming by Ustream

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  • Camith


  • SEXY

    wow she’s an attention hog and doesn’t let him speak!