Scott Disick Before He Was Famous


USER SUBMISSION: Both Scott Disick and myself grew up in the East Hampton, New York. We had a lot of the same friends and would see each other often at mutual friends parties all the time.

Scotty was a huge party animal always chasing the ladies. It seemed like he was going out with one of my girlfriends every month.

The last time I ran into him was in Vegas@ XS Nightclub. Scott has changed completely in high school he would dress like a skater, now he is trying to dress like Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. They were in VIP drinking crystal, when I said what up to Scott he acted like he didn’t even know me. I brought up a funny story when he passed out in the back of my friends car, he was laughing and of course remembered.

All in all Scotty is a sweetheart, but had a serious makeover.

He is Patrick Bateman’s long lost brother, we say Scott Disick to star in American Psycho II.  -StarzUncut

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