Selena Gomez At A Restaurant With No Makeup

StarzUncut Fan: Hey Guyz,

So I was hanging out with my parents a couple of days ago at this restaurant that I go to all the time right by my house and Selena Gomez came their randomly and was seated right next to us in the patio area.

I have met a couple of celebrities before but she was by far the nicest one! She asked me what she should order and I told her I always get the turkey avocado.

Even though I am a huge Justin fan, unlike all those girls that make Selena out to be the enemy just because she is dating him, I thought she was absolutely wonderful! She was also very pretty in person, and didn’t look like she was even wearing any makeup!

Did you tell her about all the fantasies you’ve had about her boyfriend? LOL -StarUncut

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  • Dude

    She appears to at least be wearing some lipstick, but in any case she has a natural look which works quite well for her. She is beautiful.

  • FreakBucket.Com

    and she’s fine…always