Kanye West Arrives At The BET Awards In His Lamborghini Aventador


StarzUncut Fan: On Sunday me and my boy headed over to the BET Awards. It was right down the street from my pad and we weren’t doing sh*t anyways so we decided to see whats up. We were just chillin when Kanye West rolled up in a brand new Lamborghini Aventador with his big booty girlfriend Kim Kardashian sittin shotgun. I’m actually surprised Kim’s huge ass fits in a Lamborghini seat, they probably had to get that sh*t custom made!

Kanye has it made! Driving a sick ass Lambo AND dating Kim Kardashian. Oh and that night he won Video of the Year for his song “Otis”. I’m not hatin but that song is wack and I have no clue how it won Video of the Year. Whatever though, I guess some people just have different taste in music.

We didn’t get in the show that night but once I become famous they will be begging me to show up!

You’re right, that song is horrible! Kanye’s car on the other hand is awesome! -StarzUncut

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