Does Lady Gaga Have A New Girlfriend?


USER SUBMISSION: I saw Lady Gaga making out with a hot brunette in LA yesterday, she got lip stick  all over this girls mouth. They were locking lips like no one was watching even though my cell was right in there face. That night Gaga was on the prowl for some girl on girl action.

I remembered Lady StarLight and Gaga dating, so I don’t put anything past her. They were rocking the same styles and totally looked like a couple.

With Gaga always on the run, it’s probably hard to keep a relationship, not on this night!

UPDATE: Well it looks like we’ve all been fooled! The person in this pic is NOT Lady Gaga, it’s actually a girl named Natalie who looks just like Mother Monster. Natalie goes by Baby Gaga and is the only impersonator who’s been approved by both Lady Gaga and Starlight. Here’s what she tells us.

“I am Natalie the Lady GaGa lookalike aka Baby Gaga who is kissing the girl in the infamous LA photo. This picture was taken in Soho London and not LA. It was a very crazy coincidence that Gaga and myself actually had on the same outfit on the same day. London is ahead of LA so I actually and strangely enough picked out the similar outfit before she did it seems. 

The photo was uploaded by the girl I kissed then tweeted by a Facebook friend of hers. Before long it was all over the internet from Facebook to Tumblr to Google to Dutch TV and everywhere in between. Despite attempts by my team to try and tell people that it is actually me and not Lady Gaga no one seems to take notice and the photo is being reposted over and over as Gaga in LA.

I have met Lady GaGa in person and when we first met she said “wow you should be my double for when i’m sleepy” 
I since have worked as her lookalike in various places around the world. On her first trip to India I co introduced her first Indian TV appearance in front of 14 million viewers back in October 2011 with Indian actress Koel Purie. I was also given a video message by her friend Lady Starlight earlier that year. 

Both can be found on my page 

I just wanted to put my point across here. I am happy and flattered everyone thinks I look so much like her as that means i’m doing my job right. However this whole thing was just a bit of fun but it seems people have added their own spin on it. I hope it hasn’t caused any trouble for Miss GaGa herself who I love very much!

Love to you all


Here’s a pic of Baby Gaga and Lady Gaga for comparison… it’s hard to tell the two apart!

To follow Baby Gaga be sure to check out her Facebook page.


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