Ed Westwick Draws A Penis On His Passed Out friend


USER SUBMISSION: Ed Westwick is surely no Picasso, that is a half ass dick and the unibrow looks faker then Pamela Anderson knockers. You guys were having a field day messing with this poor kid all night. I should apologize in advance for leaking it all over the internet letting everyone see the real you. Who would have ever thought you draw dicks on people in your spear time.

Also sorry to the dude (victim) in the pic, I totally forgot your name.

I remember doing the same thing to one of my friends back in middle school, I learned to hold my alcohol a long time ago.

This does bring back memories of Caitlin Davis former New England Patriots cheerleader drawing penises and swastikas on her passed out friend…

caitin-davis-drawing -penises-on-friend



After posting these pics on her FaceBook profile, she humiliated her friend and was thrown off the squad…

You both have a lot of potential. -StarzUncut


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