The Game Purchased A 200k Leather Ferrari… With All Cash!


Rapper “The Game” just bought himself this sick leather Ferrari for a cool 200k cash that he made in just a few hours of work. He just finished up a show and decided to treat himself to a new whip.

He tweeted this with the picture up top: “Just spent all my show money (200k) on a leather Ferrari F430….. Cash !!!! Maybe I’ll regret it tomorrow..”

This custom F430 is the first and only Ferrari in the world to be wrapped in leather. The matte and chrome wrap trend has been pretty popular lately, but for some reason I can’t imagine the leather thing catching on.

Here are some more pics of the car:


“Just in case I was playing about coppin the leather Rari….. I wasn’t ! Hand over my keys french homie…”


“Time to hit the streets & play wit my new toy !!! Cannes,France…”

Man this things gotta be a bitch to wash!

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  • Kamikaze1675

    This story is not accurate he did not purchase this car …do some research and you see who the real owner is