Kylie Jenner At The Cody Simpson Concert In Orange County

StarzUncut Fan: So I was on my way to the Cody Simpson concert last Saturday at the Orange County Fair, and as I was walking with one of my girlfriends over to wear the concerts are held, we bumped into the Kardashian’s little sister Kylie Jenner and one of her girlfriends named Jessica Jarrell. They were on there way to the show just like us.

I didn’t really talk to her just said hi and she said hi back. Nobody noticed who she was until I took this pic then she started getting a bunch of attention from everybody around.

My friend and I then started heading to the show because the opening act was already on. The concert was awesome to say the least! This was the best night of my summer so far!

Did you eat a fried snickers? -StarzUncut

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