Jenelle Evans Nude Pic On Twitter With Kieffer Delp

Jenelle Evans is managing to stay in the spotlight once again without having to use any talent. She must have learned from Kim K on how to do this.

In this pic below she is posing with a guy named Kieffer Delp who supposedly leaked her topless before and after pics on the internet after they broke up a few months ago. But now it looks like he has regained her full trust, letting him take this picture of them posing while she is completely naked and then posted it on twitter right after.

Here is the photo of the greatness, enjoy!


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  • Wehms2

    I’ve always thought that one small tattoo discretely placed can be sexy……but when the start “taking over the whole body” it begins turning into a travelling freak show…..used to pay a quarter to go into a Circus tent to see “those kind of people.”

    • Wehms2

      My gawd….how old AM I?

      :o )