Jenelle Evans Leaked Nude Photos Uncensensored

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  • eddyjames

    Itty bitty titties.

    • Dude

      Anything more than a mouthful’s a waste.

      • kriss

        Thats why she had a boob job yo

    • Kellie

      This was prior to her boob job.

    • Mr.Tinkertrain

      She looked better with her natural tits. Fake tits are so frickin’ nasty. She looks hot in these pictures though.

  • G Man

    These photos had better not be a year old or Starzuncut and all of us perverts who clicked the link are guilty of multiple felonies.

    • Kellie

      She has been legal for a few years now.

  • Jada

    Shes 20 now so a year ago, she wouldve been of legal age moron! I just wanted to see if her vagina was purple like roastbeef like tori said.

  • Kellie

    What’s with the old texts?? I mean seriously who gives a shit???

  • Nick

    Call me 4510439

  • jannelles titties

    dude i had that cell phone 6 years ago

  • me

    Fucking gross on his part…he preyed on a young obviously troubled girl and took.advantage of her…and obviously instead of taking legal action (i.e. suing for slander) he did the chose to post nude pictures of her online…I really hope she sues the shit out of him and gets the most she can out of this pig…it’s disgusting…this poor girl…yes she’s made her mistakes…but she’s also had people in her life who she thought were her friends and could be trusted who supported her story and then all of a sudden months later there was a fall out, and they said it didn’t happen. She didn’t have a stable home life, her mother is crazy, her sister has recently turned on her, she’s been in an abusive relationship (thank god she got out of)…I really.hope she co.tinues on with her progress and learns from.her mistakes…my heart really.does go out to her

  • Goldenrod

    Wow!! Nuf said!

  • concerend individual

    Well u know after these photos got out she was getting a lot more attention by men so he shouldn’t have really hurt her she’s got a lot of choices now

  • Uk fan

    Think it is absolutly discusting that a grown man could post pictures like this !! Look how young she looks ! She looks scared and drugged up, I think who ever this old guy Duffy is needs to stop obsessing over her and go and find a woman his own age, and now it looks like hes manipulating other young single mums #oddchap

  • A

    This crap is from 2011, how about some new stuff? This only proves that James Duffy is looking for attention. Get a life old man!

  • John

    She egged him on on, saying he was all talk. Now look at her. I’d tear it up

  • Tunechi

    Gzz. the guy who posted these pics is a clown. He’s lucky she didn’t post a pic of his 2.5 inch penis. revealing as they are,She’s cute at least

  • Jomo

    What’s with the giant pale white patch just above her butt

  • Mike

    Nice pussy

  • evil

    Then they’d better arrest bout 20,000 ppl who also clicked ..

  • Badmotherphucker

    You can see that assholes double chin on the reflection of the phone lmao

  • big daddy

    ice juicy cunt

  • andrew

    Nice puss

  • Mike F

    I think shes hot and no ones perfect, besides how many guys would say no if she wanted to. I wouldn’t kick her off my bed, would you? If you said yes, you’re prob. Gay. Wish I had her at least to once, why not? she looks yummy to me. Mike F. San Antonio, Tx. Go Spurs Go!

  • homo

    dog face loser

  • KFTW

    She’s fine

  • jeff

    Would love to have her naked all the time very nice to look at a hug and kiss for you

  • J

    She’s hot

  • that guy

    I’d fuck that in a heartbeat

  • biggin

    Nice Pu$$y

  • biggin

    very suckable

  • biggin

    very suckable !

  • daddyo

    Good pictures of her nice boobs n nice pussy shot

  • tunamister

    sweet lil ass

  • Paul Shtogryn

    WOW.My that Evans has a BIG ASS!

  • Paul Shtogryn

    Wowsers!Gosh that Evans has got a BIG ASS!

  • ClintonsTart

    i would pump that sooo hard!

  • Bonicushead

    Nice pussy…very nice. Not at all beat up like Farrah Abraham’s.