Nude Photos, Sext Messages, And More Drama For Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans


Yesterday we were informed about some more nude photos of Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans that hit the web. This didn’t really seem like anything new or shocking, but then after doing some research things started to get interesting.

The person who leaked the photos is Jenelle’s ex-lover James Duffy, who’s now trying to clear his name after apparantly being the target of numerous false allegations from Jenelle and her friends.


We spoke with James and his story is quite shocking. He provided us with exclusive text messages, legal documents, and nude photos that show the relationship he really had with Jenelle.

Here’s what James tells us…

Jenelle and I have a long history, we were on an off as boyfriend and girlfriend eventually landing into many court cases
I had her arrested 3 times and I was going to sue her. We became friends again and sleeping together again
Sometime in june we made the news again when we were sleeping together because her boyfriend at the time found out
Gary had showed up at my house with an ak 47 to retrieve her panties and it was tweeted all over about this despite our past
She continues to be a bitch to me and denies that we ever slept together even after star magazine polygraph me
To prove it I posted pictures of jenelle masturbating and several text messages from her telling me how much she likes sex with me
she went as far as to say she likes the way I use sex toys on her. We have a very long history that nobody knows about except for twitter
We have a long history, I attached the text messages, one of the nudes, the one that caused the most attention was a pic of Jenelle masturbating. I tired to reconcileand make her come clean but she always denied this. The reason it was important is because when Hannah Inman moved back in with me, Jenelle went nuts and set out to destroy me and Hannah. She posted online and that I poisoned her, drugged her and made sexual advances as an employee. She never worked, we were having sex… As long as I proved that, her allegations were trumped. I have more to say but I have to get to work, I will write more.

We’re curious to hear what Jenelle has to say about all of this.


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  • Joe Shmoe

    Duffy is lying. Jenelle went to his house that night to see Keiffer because Keiffer was living there. Duffy tweeted a picture of her car in the driveway just to piss Gary off.Jenelle went to see keiffer because her and Gary had an argument and she’s desperate, can’t be alone longer than a few hours without attention from a guy.

  • concerned onlooker

    James Duffy is an old man seeking attention through a young foolish girl. He is obsessed with her and needs to seek mental help. Shame on you!

  • HeSaidSheSaid

    Seems like a typical case of taking advantage of a troubled, insecure teen for pleasure & profit. This james duffy character is 15+ years older than Janelle. The majority of his twitter revolves around Janelle bashing & “dropping bombs” It’s very disturbing all the time he devotes to this negative cause. He is a nobody trying to be somebody at the cost of someone else. In my eyes this makes him just as bad of a person as he is trying to portray Janelle as being.

  • MelisB

    This old perv is a creep!!!! He is so infatuated with Jenelle he can’t see straight. So effin what if she denied sleeping with him. I would too! Given that and his age, he should move on and forget trying to shame her into his arms again! What is he trying to accomplish? He been proven a liar, loves little girls (who don’t like him back), a bad businessman and harassed the previous women in his life. He’s got a trail of court docs too! Why doesn’t he get his own woman? We all know why…he’s a perv who shouts HYFR all night while drinking, oh how cool…not! I guarantee you he told Jenelle he had mucho connections to Playboy or others and convinced her to pose in the nude. Those are not BF/GF, I’m in love with you pics. He has misrepresented himself to many a young girl. He is sick and needs to stop.

    • john b

      I believe he has proven HER the liar by posting those pics… or am I wrong?

    • Dayna Lella

      by doing what? she always says how she would never be dumb enough to let anyone take nudes of her…well it seems to me he has proven that wrong..she started talking all kinds of shit about him before he started exposing her. no matter what this chick does, there will always be people that will stick up for her. I don’t get it..shes a big girl. she makes her own decisions..and they all are dumb as hell! I highly doubt he told he she would be in play boy. Him and her had a relationship, you would be shocked how many girls do this.

  • MelisB

    Amen to every comment here! Apparently I am not the only one who sees him having plied these young girls with drugs, booze and photographed them sometimes unknown! These girls who have been on these shows have had these babies thinking it would keep their BF around and then they just go through man after man. They can’t be alone, have never developed mentally and just can’t cope! I sometimes feel sorry for JE because she has never been shown the right way to go about things and is just plain stupid. She shouldn’t even deny some of the things she does. Just admit what you did and chalk it up to being young, dumb, and taken advantage of! Mr. Duffy needs to get a real life and leave broke down phrases, twitter, JE and all her BF’s and friends alone! JE should never, ever acknowledge him again!

  • misty arkell

    to my understanding, he’s a sugar daddy that thought what he and jenelle had was real? funny stuff. all i’ve gathered from reading this and his tweets is that he’s so desperate to prove that they’ve had sex and he’s pissed that she denies that there was ever a (sexual) relationship. everyone knows what a sugar daddy is and the only way they get young/attractive ladies is through some sort of gain on their end (ie. money, free stuff, etc).

  • guest

    They’re both really fucked up, just in different ways. He’s how old and he is obsessed with a 20 year old who is known for her issues. She can maybe grow up some day, he never will if he hasn’t by now.

  • tina

    What I don’t understand, is why this guy hasn’t been investigated by the police, these girls are younge and he’s old enough to be their father. Instead of the magazines trying to destroy this girls life maybe they should morally correct themselves and hand over what they have to the authorities to ensure he’s not taking advantage of younge girls

    • Kelli

      Uh, what’s there to investigate? Just because they’re young and lack any kind of discretion or intelligence? She was of legal age. She made her decisions. She was a train wreck before Duffy and had continued to be after him. There’s documented proof of her and her husband’s continued heroin use that has been backed up by people involved. It’s funny how everyone thinks Duffy is a pervert when Courtland was in his 20s and got a 15 year old pregnant. He’s lucky he isn’t in jail for statutory rape. If that were my daughter, he would be.

  • dawn

    he needs to let it GO! who cares about proving this or that. they’re both nuts but he’s fucking creepy.

  • Sharylynn

    Its funny how she keeps winding up going back to Duffy many times despite how many times she fucked him over with the press. Duffy is stupid enough to take her back every time, I feel bad for the guy but enough is enough. She made all these bullshit allegations on him saying he drugged her to have sex but then fucked him for days at his house and texted him about it. Why go back and fuck him again after that? Duffy was posting pics of Jenelle at his house for days getting screwed after all the court shit she put him thru, gimme a break. Maybe their both nuts. it sounds like Jenelle is hooked on Duffys dick because she jumps on it every chance she gets whenever she breaks up with a guy, Keiffer, Gary and Allison even said so. Duffy seems like a great guy but Jenelle is CRAZY! She was the one sending messages saying how great he was in bed and now sayin they never had sex, then saying she was drugged into sex with Tori, then going back and saying they never had sex, she got busted screwing him at his house, panties were there, texts and pics to prove it, why lie? She only makes herself look worse denying this, someone posted Jenelles pms on twitter that he was the only guy that can put down and rock her world and this was from a private message on Jenelles facebook fanpage. Who cares if he is older, you can’t help who you love, right ?

    • Misty Arkell

      she was never in love with him…and james duffy is just as crazy as she is.

    • Sonny

      the only guy that can rock her world? I highly doubt that.

  • Zach


  • Sonny

    some people are so misguided. I don’t believe that this is the only guy that can “rock her world” like some namingly sharylynn says. maybe he screwed her maybe he didn’t. I probably would too idk who this guy is or how old he is don’t really care. like I said I probably would too shes not ugly and looks good has a nice body. Does he love her? I doubt it. I never heard this story. but if this guy slept with her and she was 15 or 17 or something and he was 30 or 40 hes a pervert probably should be in jail . im not sure people of such an age difference can be “in love” it just seems unnatural I mean I guess its possible but highly unlikely also someone who is so much older than another like that should be a mentor and screwing them doesn’t really mentor them. I think a lot of young girls look to older people for guidance and this is how they mentor them? idk but good for this guy if he banged her idk and not sure I care.