Prince Harry Nude Pics Leaked Playing Strip Pool In Las Vegas



The newest person to fall victim of leaked nude pics of themselves on the internet is none other than Prince Harry.

The photos at the bottom are big Harry with a couple of girls in Las Vegas at a VIP suite in the MGM Grand from this past weekend. It has been reported that he met the girls at the hotel bar in the casino area and invited them back to his room.

We are not sure who’s idea it was but they all decided to play a game of strip pool and as you can see he is not so much the billiard player!

In one of the photos he is behind one of the girls with his arms around her flashing his butt, and looking like he is trying to get close and personal with her if you know what I mean!

And the other one the chick is behind him and he is completely exposed except for him covering his twig and berries.

According to TMZ a rep told them, “We have no comment to make on the photos at this time.”

Time for some good old fashion damage control. -StarzUncut

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