Prince Harry Partying And Rolling Dice At The Wynn

StarzUncut Fan: Hey guys so I was in Las Vegas for the last couple of days partying at the Wynn hotel. When I was out to dinner on Friday I spotted Prince Harry sitting right next to me. Harry and friends were ordering bottle after bottle.

Then as I was playing black jack in the casino later that night I hear somebody shout “there is Harry”, so I looked over where they were talking about and there was the prince again gambling.

The prince was rolling dice at one of the high roller tables, and people were saying that he won a bunch of money, but it’s not like he needs it. You would have had no clue he was royalty by the way he was right in the open for anyone one to approach him. Later in the night Harry pulled some randoms to go back to his hotel room. At this point he must have been seeing doubles, let’s just say these girls were far from super models.

It’s crazy yesterday I saw the nude photos on TMZ and was shocked to see someone would do that to Harry. I know the type of girls he was with and their intentions weren’t in the best interest of our Prince Harry. Way to go girls you ruined the Prince’s trip and I guess what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas anymore.

Here is the pic of him out to dinner below:


I heard the prince plays a mean game of craps.  -StarzUncut

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