Lance Armstrong Will Forfeit All Seven Of His Tour de France Titles

lance-armstrong-will-forfeit- titlesLance Armstrong has had an off and on battle for years trying to prove his innocence on if he has ever doped during his career. Today he has announced that he will no longer fight the allegations, and released this statement about the whole thing, “There comes a point in every man’s life when he has to say, Enough is enough. For me that is now.”

Lance goes on about the matter further on which is basically him stating that he has never failed any of the hundreds of drug tests that he has taken over the years.

The USADA executive said to the press that the agency is going to ban Lance from cycling for life, and take away all seven of his Tour de France titles.

Regardless what the truth is we at StarzUncut support Lance 100%, he has had to overcome so many battles in his life! Keep your head up, to us you are still the champ with the medals or not! -StarzUncut

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