Michael Bisping’s Reaction To Jon Jones And The UFC 151 Cancellation

michael-bisping-ufc-2012FAN SUBMISSION: After hitting up the Mother’s Market in Irvine, CA for our daily dose of organics and wheat grass, UFC fighter Michael “The Count” Bisping pulled up with his blond bombshell wife and daughter in a murdered out Range Rover.

Bisping is one cool ass dude! They walked across from Mother’s to the Panini Cafe where they were waiting to be seated when we pulled up…

With all this UFC drama going down I had to ask the question… “What to you think about UFC 151 being cancelled?” Bisping said “I feel bad for the fighters on the undercard” but when we asked who’s at fault for the cancellation, Michael didn’t want to put Jon Jones on blast. You can tell by his reaction when we yelled out Jon Jones how he really felt.

Bisping could be scared to talk shit on the champ or could have been thrown off guard by the question, either way we all got a good laugh at Jon Jones’s expense.

Late night last night I happened to watch his Hollywood debut movie titled “Beatdown” which sucked, I only watched about 30 minutes of it than I had to change the channel. Of course when I was talking to Michael I said it was a sick movie, but even he knew I was lying my ass off, lol.

Michael is set to fight Brian Stann at UFC 152 in Toronto Canada after losing a close fight to Chael Sonnen.

Wow Bisbing seems like such a chill guy. Even with everyone hating on Jon Jones he still keeps it classy. You guys should have asked him his thoughts on Greg Jackson… you may have got a whole different response! -StarzUncut

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