Aerosmith Caught Giving A Girl Just The Tip

steve-tyler-tipping-a-hot-waitressFormer American Idol judge Steven Tyler spares no expense when it comes to tipping a hottie. While waiting for his double latte in LA just days ago, Steve was pacing around the place with a stack of 20s in hand like he was at his local strip club.

Even though this cutie doesn’t meet his height requirements since Steven usually goes for women who tower over him, he is still a sucker for a sexy woman in uniform giving her a phat tip on his way out. We are not sure the exact amount, but onlookers say it was a wad of 20s, you do the math.

We are surprised he didn’t just put the 20 right down her pants.

Looks like those American Idol checks are still coming in strong. -StarzUncut

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