Deadmau5 Gambling Away $500k This Labor Day Weekend In Las Vegas


FAN SUBMISSION: I Just got back from Las Vegas after raging hard over Labor Day weekend and I already can’t wait to go back! While I was gambling at the Wynn, dance music phenom Deadmau5 showed up and took a seat at the blackjack table next to me. It looked like he was on a cold streak because he was losing almost every hand. Later I found out he turned $4k into $500k and then lost it ALL!


That may have explained why he didn’t want to take a photo with my buddy. I know if I just lost half a million dollars I probably wouldn’t want to be posing for photos!

WOW 500k is a lot of money to lose even for one of the highest paid DJs. I can’t even imagine that feeling. -StarzUncut

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