Chris Brown Spotted Drinking Before Leaving The Club In His Lamborghini


FAN SUBMISSION: I’m not one to talk shit on people but I don’t have a problem when it comes to Chris Brown. I saw Chris at the SuperClub in Hollywood on Labor Day where he was partying with Wiz Khalifa and Tyga.



Wiz and Chris were drinking Champagne and catching a buzz.

When it came time to leave Wiz had a driver take him out of there (like a smart person would do) while Chris got in the seat of his Lamborghini and decided it was no big deal to drive, even after he was drinking just before that.

As someone who’s lost friends due to drunk drivers I really hope Chris wasn’t above the limit like he appeared to be. He’s on probation and I know some terms make it illegal to drive after drinking ANY alcohol. He was also kickin it while Wiz was smoking a blunt which I’m pretty sure is illegal as well.

Looks pretty convincing but Breezy could just be a big fan of Apple Cider? -StarzUncut

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