Floyd Mayweather Bets $200k On The Dallas Cowboys… And Wins!


The rich just keep on getting richer! Take our man, Floyd Mayweather, he is proving to have that mighty golden touch both on and off the playing field! Living up to his nickname “Money”, Mayweather keeps collecting crisp green bills, one after another. Here it is the start of the football season and just hours ago, Mr. “Money” Mayweather placed a hefty bet at the M Resort and Casino in Las Vegas and won a whopping $181,818.20–to be exact. Mayweather didn’t waste any time betting on the favored Dallas Cowboys who dominated the Giants and captured the win, 24 – 17.

Floyd is no stranger to playing high stakes. Just a few short days ago it was reported that the moneyman wagered more than $2.9 million in assorted Las Vegas sports books, but later turned out to be fake according to Floyd. But hey, win or lose a few bets, they’re all petty cash compared to the close to $20 million Mayweather brings home after each fight. A million here or there hardly fazes him. I guess it’s all in the perspective. -StarzUncut

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