Reports Of Justin Bieber Drinking Alcohol Under Age In Toronto Last Night

justin-bieber-and-selena-gomez-drinkingFAN SUBMISSION: Yo last night I was at the Muzik Club in Toronto partying with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and the reinvented Snoop Lion.

This was my first run in with the Biebs and Selena. They are party animals and both major light weights when it comes to drinking. Out here the drinking age is 19 and the Biebs is only 18 years old, but it’s all good I won’t tell anyone ;) lol. I know Selena is 20 years old, was she really contributing to a minor?

Later in the night Bieber was buzzed and maybe even a little high from standing next to Snoop all night, jk although it did remind me of the good old high school days.

Snoop Dogg didn’t even bother to go to the smoking area and just sparked a blunt up right in front of everyone all night!


P.S. do you realize how hard it is to get any girls attention when Justin Bieber is cockblocking the whole time?

Bieber can do what ever he wants in Canada, he probably has more power than their president. -StarzUncut

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