Alison Pill From HBO’s New Hit Show The Newsroom Accidentally Tweets Topless Photo!


Staying true to the accident-prone character she plays on Aaron Sorkin‘s ‘The Newsroom‘, Alison Pill gave her fans an entirely different show than they were accustomed to via her twitter account today.

Sprawled out on her bed, wearing nothing but a trendy pair of oversized eyeglasses, the actress’s twitter followers were given a glimpse of what this young starlet is rockin’ upstairs.

After realizing her mistake, Pill immediately deleted the photo from her twitter feed… But you know your boys over here at aren’t gonna let this little gem fall through the cracks.

Mistake or no mistake, Alison… don’t worry. We were definitely not offended. In fact, we were pleasantly surprised. Keep ‘em coming! -StarzUncut

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