Kate Middleton Caught Topless At The Pool While On Vacation!!

In the wake of Prince Harry’s recent Las Vegas scandal, Kate Middleton now finds herself in an equally compromising position. While vacationing with Prince William in France, the Dutchess of Cambridge was caught poolside showing off the crown jewels.

The couple was occupying the private home of the Queen’s nephew Lord Linley, and apparently thought they had the place all to themselves. To their surprise, some unwelcome visitors in the form of French cameramen were able to capture photographs of Kate letting it all hang out while sunbathing. The French magazine Closer says that they have these juicy photos in their possession, and plan to publish them tomorrow.

We’ve seen a lot of the royal family bare it all as of lately; maybe it will become a reoccuring theme?!?! Who’s next up… Prince William? …or better yet… QUEEN ELIZABETH?!?! Stay tuned…

UPDATE: See the topless photos here!!!


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