Vanessa Hudgens Dancing With Some Strippers On Set Of “Spring Breakers”

Vanessa Hudgens is no longer the sweet girl next door you remember from Disney’s High School Musical. In this video you can see Vanessa with friends Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine showing off their best moves in the strip club.

While their dancing could use some work, these girls were definitely cutting loose and having a blast while lending a helping hand to the exotic dancer seen in the video. Perhaps Vanessa was just trying to get into character for her upcoming role in Machete Kills, where she will be co-starring alongside Danny Trejo, Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson, which, like the prequel, will surely prove to be a provocative and risque film.

Whatever the case may be, it’s great to see her having fun like this… The only thing we are left wondering is: HOW MUCH DOES SHE CHARGE FOR A LAP DANCE?!?!

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