Billie Joe Armstrong Flips Out After His Set Was Cut Early

green-day-i-heart-radio-concertFAN SUBMISSION: Green Day got their panties in a bunch on stage when their set was cut from 45 to 25 minutes due to Usher getting more stage time. These guys are like 40 and were acting like it was there first gig. You guys wear eye liner and play emo music, who gives a flying shit about you anyway.

Check the vid out, one minute left lol…

They are acting like complete diva’s and they aren’t even a iconic band. To be on the more professional side of things this should have been worked out backstage not in front of the entire city of Las Vegas. They made the I Heart Radio concert look very unprofessional on so many levels and they probably won’t be invited back anytime soon. And Billy what ever the hell your name is why would you bring Bieber into the mix?!?!

Since the cat got out of the bag Bieber would sell out that entire event alone, you on the other hand wouldn’t sell out shit and I am not even a Bieber fan it’s just the cold hard truth of the matter.

We can understand why Green Day was upset, but please leave Bieber out of it. -StarzUncut

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  • Your Face

    fah q…..seriously……..t(-_-t) you can’t even spell

  • Tripp

    They are on iconic band and learn some grammar.