Jonas Brothers Charter Private Jet To Vegas For iHeart Radio

jonas-brothers-take-private-jet-to-vegasFAN SUBMISSION: Here is a sick picture of the Jonas Brothers and their private jet in the background.

They are heading out to Las Vegas for iHeart radio in style… and I don’t mean their sense of fashion. Last time I check they retired that look in the 80s. These guys get all the girls, so I guess it works but it’s not something I would rock on the other hand the jet I would think about!

I don’t really keep tabs on these guys but by the looks of it albums must be flying off the shelfs.

It must be nice when you can fly over the heavy traffic to Vegas, these three stooges are pretty damn lucky my friends and I went to Vegas last week and waited in traffic for half the day, it sucked.

That’s how you do Vegas. -StarzUncut

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  • Jeremy Cameron

    Yeah, you are right, such kind of people are very lucky that they don’t have to wait in the traffic for hours.