Breaking News: Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Sex Tape Cover Up?!?!

So it seems as if the Kanye West sex tape starring Kim Kardashian lookalike Mony Monn is just an elaborate hoax to cover up the fact that Kim and Kanye were getting it on behind Kris Humphries’ back while the two were married.

Sources tell that Mony Monn is not the woman appearing in the raunchy sex scene… In fact, it turns out that Kim was the girl Kanye was sticking it to all along. Insiders claim that Mony Monn was convinced to play along with the story to hide the fact that Kim was cheating on Humphries.

If that’s the case, then the prenuptial agreement Humphries signed with the reality star can be voided… which amounts to a huge payday for the basketball star.

We’ll keep you posted in regards to how this story develops. Hell, by this time tomorrow we might even have news of ANOTHER Kardashian sex tape. We wouldn’t put it past her…

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