540 Pound Freddie Combs Impresses The Judges on X Factor

Freddie Combs put on an outstanding show for viewers on Thursday night’s episode of X Factor. Unfortunately, the 540 pound man’s weight proved to be too big a problem for one of the show’s judges.

After Freddie received praise from the other judge’s, Simon Cowell gave him a vicious reality check.

“When I heard you sing, I had a vision in my mind of you standing, singing that song, healthy, happy, and maybe you need some inspiration to help you to the next stage.”

Combs, who is unable to stand due to his weight problem, took the criticism in stride, and assured the judges that he would continue in his fight to get healthy.

Freddie Combs previously weighed 920 pounds.

Freddie Combs, 40. Auditions #6 ~ The X Factor… by HumanSlinky

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