Coachella 2013 Lineup

coachella-2013-lineup(click image to enlarge)
Today we received an email containing what looks to be a sneak peak at the full Coachella 2013 lineup. This is the same source that gave us the inside scoop last year when we broke news about the group Refused reuniting after 20 years.

The lineup looks pretty convincing and the guy wasn’t lying last year. I guess we will just have to wait till January to see how real this lineup really is. What do you guys think, is this lineup to good to be true?

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  • ZY State of mind

    This line up sucks a fat one.

    • American soldier

      Smashing Pumpkins, The Rolling Stones, Jay Z and Kayne, WOW! I think you suck a fat one…

      • Teach Me How2 Dougie


  • Mimi

    Totally fake. Come on, The Fray?!! Bleh. Plus Pendulum is no longer together. Duh.

    • namey

      Well Eva Cassidy isn’t even alive! At least Pendulum are living!

  • james

    definitely fake…Smashing Pumpkins would never headline Coachella. Not ever. Not ever ever ever.
    Plus I happen to know one headliner that’s not on there.

    • Nicole

      Why do you think Smashing Pumpkins wouldn’t headline Coachella? I see it as a possibility, especially with the publicity they’ve been receiving lately. And who is the headliner that you “know” of?

    • d0rq

      Oohhh yea you’re hella smart. everyone commenting here fully respects your opinions. i’m so glad you know which hand they hold their dick in when they beat off in your face

  • mmmmm

    Well Eva Cassidy is a long shot. I don’t think she has been available for live gigs since 1996 on account of actually being dead.

  • Nicole

    The best part of this lineup is definitely Wham!

  • Justin Gutierrez

    Add The Killers and The Cure. Bring back some UK Bands like We Were Promised Jetpacks. then we gotta a dream line up. Either way, sounds like another amazing year. And i honestly see Smashing Pumpkins more as a sub headliner, even a co headliner, would love to see them co headline with The Killers one of the nights.

  • nate

    I like that Vampire Weekend is in tiny font on the 3rd line of Saturday. And that the xx has the first x capitalized haha.

  • nate

    Shit nevermind, VW is on the 5th line! Yeah, thats not happening…

  • Sean

    We all know main stage on the first night goes to an electro act. Not Smashing Pumpkins

  • cock

    cloud nothings playing on Saturday and Sunday, that would be epic. but this is totally fake.

  • Jessica Espinosa

    Not accurate because Ellie Goulding is in Norway on the 12th. Fakeee