Snoop Dogg Twisting Up A Fatty

snoop-dogg-rolling-a-bluntFAN SUBMISSION: Snoop Dogg is getting high as a mother fu*ker. He can’t be too blazed yet because he was still able to use his Twitter account to post this pic of him in the process of rolling up a fatty tweeting…

whos blazn wit #MacAndDevin 2nite??

Looks like he is going to twist a blunt up with some hash on top. Snoop it might not be the best idea to post these kinds of pics on your Twitter account. Last time I check Hash was a felony, just saying. You are a BIG icon but not untouchable.

Not trying to be a hypocrite or sound like you mom. I blaze all day, but I don’t post it on Twitter for the whole world to see.

Snoop is untouchable. -StarzUncut

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